Hurray! Linux Market Share Has Been Over 2% for Three Months Straight Now

According to data from web analytics company Net Market Share, the share of worldwide desktop computer users running Linux has been above 2% for three months in a row.



Rise and Error

Lovers of Linux all over the world can certainly be happy about this news because it is clear that the technology world is moving closer to Linux than away from it – that’s the trend now. But we also know that

Statistics and reporting methods vary in analytics from one company to the other and whatever results are the end point of such research work are usually open to debate and relative interpretation.

The company behind Wikipedia shows a more familiar figure of ~1.2% for Linux (i.e. Ubuntu, Red Hat and SUSE combined) based on data they collected for over the same three months .

Net Market Share bases all of its data on the number of visitors to a mere 40,000 websites globally. And although 40,000 is a large number, it is comparatively dwarfed by the total number of websites we have today.

It might be a sad truth that we will never be able to know the actual market share of Linux.

There are so many distros, kernel versions and browsers in play which vary greatly from each other with regards to privacy, philosophy, and control. And so tracking Linux usage will probably never be an easy task.

But anyway, irrespective of what the numbers on the boards say, Linux has come a long way since its genesis and we the Linux fans know why we use it.

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