Installing Open Store on Ubuntu Phone


Unofficial support for WhatsApp on the Ubuntu Phone arrived just this weekend and with that came the messaging app Loqui IM.

However, Loqui is not available to install from official Ubuntu Store. It is distributed through something called the Open Store. We’ll show you how to get it today.

The Open Store

The Open Store is an alternative app store for developer tools and app previews that was created by Canonical’s Michael Zanetti as a “Friday afternoon” project.

Mike’s plan was to create an entirely separate store comprising of dev tools built-in but later concluded that it would be easier for people to play around with any cool stuff that was going to be available in the store.

The Open Store contains apps that particularly follow the security and/or app lifecycle policies inherent in the Ubuntu Touch platform as they run outside sandboxes and as the store has warned that such apps have “the ability to break the system, reduce performance and spy on you”.

The store allows only open source applications which are all reviewed and published along with their source code after they are submitted.

Installing Open Store

Download the .click file, open your Terminal and navigate to the Downloads folder via this command:

cd ~/Downloads

Next, paste the following command to install the .click package:

pkcon install-local –allow-untrusted

This will take only a few seconds.

Done? Head back to your Apps launcher and on refreshing the list of installed apps Open Store will appear among them.

You can now use the store to download and install Loqui IM.

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