Introducing a Basic Word Processor for Ubuntu Phone, uWriter


Are you an Ubuntu phone owner? Are you also interested in processing word documents on your smartphone? You should check out uWriter then; becuase whether your aim is to quickly write a good number of pages for your school essay or you want to organize a cover letter for a job application while you are on the go; whether you want to write an entire blog post or you want to make a shopping list, uWriter is an ideal app for you.

This app offers all the basic text formatting options e.g. bold, italic, underline, lists, alignments and in-line placement of images.

Marcos Costales, uWriter developer, says his app lets you: “use your Ubuntu phone as a PC! I would recommend you to use a Bluetooth keyboard & mouse for a full PC experience.”

Documents are saved in the ~/.local/share/uwp.costales/*.html folder as regular HTML files, and users are also at liberty to copy and paste text from the app to external apps and/or websites.

uWriter is a free app powered by TinyMCE and it is available to install through the Ubuntu Store as uWriter on UAppExplorer.

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