Three Linux Distros You Probably Never Heard About

One thing many of us Linux users quickly forget is that for every Ubuntu distro out there you feel passion for, there is probably a celebrity-based spin. And today, we will look at three of the most diabolical Linux distros ever created.

  1. Hannah Montana Linux
    This Linux distro is created after the Famous Disney poster child turned pop star. It was created back in 2011 based on Kubuntu 3.x sporting an (in our opinion) painful to see Hannah Montana theme. It was pitched as ‘fast, stable and powerful’ and impenetrable by viruses.Hannah Montana Linux hasn’t received any updates since its creation and so it’s obvious why it ships with huge security holes. But, that hasn’t stopped the distro in its tracks because it still gets a handful of downloads monthly.
  2. Ubuntu Satanic Edition
    There are Ubuntu-based distros dedicated for Christians, Luddites, and Muslims. This one is for Satanists – which are apparently, actually fans of metal music as the distro says it “brings together the best free software and free metal music on one [CD].” You read that right. This Linux distro ships pre-installed with a 50-minute album of the best Creative Commons-licensed metal music!Ubuntu Satanic Edition is based on a truly old Ubuntu 10.10 and it ships with the GNOME 2 desktop, is heavily gothic themed, and calls its LiveCD the ‘Undead CD.’

    Filled with blood-red-on-black themes and fire-themed wallpapers, Ubuntu Satanic distro is painful to look at but not as much as the previously mentioned distro. You might just like it.

  3. Rebecca Black OS
    The developer of this OS says he was inspired to name it “…my favorite celebrity after I saw some earlier Linux distributions named after celebrities, and also this KDE blog post”. Just as in the case of Satanic Edition, Rebeca Black OS isn’t scary at all. The distro is known for being one of the first live CDs to ship with a Wayland server.People use this OS. According to the stats from SourceForge, it has been downloaded 197 this week alone and that it was even updated last on the 9th of October, this year. Interesting!

Who would have thought these Linux distros will be able to get a following? Tell us if you know about any others that we can add to our list next time, and feel free to tell us your experience with any of the above-mentioned distros if you have any.

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