Use Twitter From Your Terminal with Rainbow Stream

The command line can be used for a ton of tasks – even more than the easier-to-use GUI apps can. Ranging from dealing with deep system files, tasks, and documents to interfacing with remote servers, weather forecasts, and a lot more. So, using Twitter via the CLI (Command Line Interface) shouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Introducing Rainbow Stream

There is a variety of command line Twitter customers accessible for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but our app pick is the open-source Python-based Rainbow Stream. It’s a great looking app that works great and features practically every element you’ll require.


Rainbow Stream is brilliant, very much organized and can do pretty much everything that a desktop twitter application or web-based customer can.

You can see the latest tweets from those you take after, and like, retweet or quote-retweet in the event that you have to; you can post your own particular announcements, send and read coordinate messages, and even take after, unfollow or square individuals!

Furthermore, even though you cannot see pictures that wouldn’t stop you from being able to post them as, correct, Rainbow Stream bolsters picture transfers

Installing Rainbow Stream on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (or above)

Open a new Terminal window and run the command below to use the python bundle administration system to install Rainbow Stream:

sudo pip3 install rainbowstream

If you get an error message while running the command then it means pip3 isn’t installed. So, install it to continue with your installation by entering the command below:

sudo apt install python3-pip

The python pip will install a large portion of app requirements, but if you get an error message about missing dependencies then just run the command below and you should be good:

sudo well-suited get introduce sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev libjpeg-dev

Hopefully, all will go well and you can dispatch the application by running the command:


You will have to sign into a legitimate account when you run Rainbow Stream the first time.

The Twitter confirmation page will open in another tab in your default browser. You’ll have to log in with the Twitter account you wish to use in Rainbow Stream, approve the application, and after that type the PIN you find in your browser back in the terminal.

Once effectively approved, you’re in!

Useful Commands

There is a bunch of commands you can run,  but a portion of the most useful commands you’ll be needing to utilize after.

Whenever you want to see the help documentation type h and hit enter.

To tweet type t followed by your tweet content.

Other useful commands:

  • home <num> —indicate <num> tweets from the home stream
  • me <num> — indicate <num> of your tweets

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