Introducing the Tiny $4 Open Source Linux Computer: VoCore2 Lite

VoCore is back with a newer and improved version of itself in the form of VoCore2 which sells at $11.99. It comes accompanied by its younger sibling, the VoCore2 Lite, which sells for exactly $3.99.

The VoCore2 Lite’s Specifications


  • Storage: 8MB NOR Flash Memory
  • RAM: 64MB DDR2
  • CPU: Mediatek MT7688AN @ 58MHz
  • Connectivity: Wireless (150Mbps) via single antenna slot, Ethernet (100Mbps), SD Card, USB, etc.

The VoCore2 Lite is not as powerful as the VoCore2, but it sure can be used for study and experimental purposes. The tiny Linux computer has castle holes at its border which allows for quick mounts on customized boards. It also works well with IoT devices and is a major factor in keeping such devices sizable.

The VoCore2’s Specifications


  • Storage: 16MB NOR Flash Memory
  • CPU: MT7628AN @ 580MHz
  • RAM: 128MB DDR2
  • Connectivity: Wireless (300Mbps) via two antenna slots, Ethernet (100Mbps), USB, PCIe 1.1, SD Card, etc.

The VoCore2, being more powerful, can be used with the audio dock to enable AirPlay and DLNA music streaming on speakers via WiFi. It can also be connected to a camera or be used as a server to share photos and videos, or it can be used as a portable router, etc.

VoCore2 uses a 9800 mAh power bank which can keep it running for almost four days. Impressive.

The Ultimate dock for VoCore 2 allows for easy access to its MicroSD port and USB port. The dock has 4 AD converter channels and a single DA converter channel to connect to various sensors.


VoCore2 single-board computer is open source hardware running a Linux OS known as OpenWRT – a distribution for embedded devices – so developers can access everywhere from the PC’s hardware to its circuit diagram and bootloader.

You should be aware that VoCore2 is an Indigogo project which has been able to raise $73,976 so far. And with the product entering its mass production stage, it is expected to be made available sometime in January 2017.

Find about more about VoCore2 on its Indigogo page and its website.

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