Mythbuntu Linux Is Dead – But You Can Still Use MythTV


Today, the developers behind the Mythbuntu Linux distro announced that “Mythbuntu as a sperate distribution will cease to exist”. Mythbuntu is an official Ubuntu flavor which has Xfce4 as its default desktop environment. On  deployment, it focuses on the MythTV digital video recorder and excludes unnecessary Ubuntu apps from its standard installation.

Thomas Mashos notes in this blog post that Mythbuntu’s existence is necessary to MythTV’s but says the reduce in team size from 10 to 2 is the main reason for pulling on the Ubuntu flavor.  It is apparent that Apache Open Office project is also facing a volunteer crisis and is, therefore, struggling to survive as the team still finds it difficult to consistently deliver ISO releases according to schedules and maintain the existing versions.

According to Smosh in the blog, Mythbuntu ISO, Mythbuntu-desktop package, and Mythbuntu-control-centre will all cease to be available soon. Users who would like to have their MythTV configured can install Xubuntu and then add Mythbuntu Repositories (which contains the MythTV package) to it – thereby providing users with the option to record and watch their favorite TV shows using their DVR.

Are you sad about this latest development? If the discontinuation of Mythbuntu moves you so much then you (and maybe your friends) can offer to contribute to the project. You might just save the soon-to-be-extinct distro.

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