Ubuntu Budgie Is The New Official Ubuntu Flavor


Budgie is the built-from-scratch desktop environment flagship developed as a Solus Project. It has a smooth integration with the GNOME stack as it utilizes the underlying technologies. It ships with a slick applet, a handful of customization options, Raven (i.e notifications).

Perhaps you are already familiar with budgie desktop and you know that the Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distro ships with Budgie as its default desktop environment. However, the budgie-remix team just made an announcement that an official flavor status has been granted to the distro by the Ubuntu Technical Boar. From now on, budgie-remix will be known as Ubuntu Budgie.

It saw its first release as 16.04, which was followed by 16.04.1 and 16.10 and continuing its quick journey to critical acclaim, it will see its first Ubuntu Budgie release under the new name, 17.04

This is good news because an official Ubuntu flavor status means that Ubuntu Budgie will now get official build and hosting facilities while its users will be able to use official Ubuntu sites like Ask Ubuntu, wiki.ubuntu.comLaunchpad.net, Ubuntu Forums, and others – thereby sharing an equal status in the wider Ubuntu family.

What do you think about the news regarding Budgie Desktop? Were you anticipating such? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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