SimpleScreenRecorder Just Received a New Version update

There’s a new version of the powerful desktop screen capture program for Linux, SimpleScreenRecorder, which premiered earlier this month, marking its first update in almost a year.

The new version comes with added support for the latest FFmpeg/libav libraries and fragmented recording. You will also be notified by the indicator applet icon when the app experiences a capture error.

Linux is not lacking in applications with which you can take screen recordings and export them as videos but SimpleScreenRecorder is considered to be faster than ffmpeg and VLC, and you can also record OpenGL applications directly, which makes it perfect for YouTube content creators who run gaming channels.

The client is not just fully multithreaded, it is capable of recording audio in sync with videos.


Installing SimpleScreenRecorder

Install Simple Screen Recorder on your Ubuntu 16.04 system or higher by adding the application’s official PPA to your Software Sources with the command below:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder

Next, update and upgrade/install the app:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install simplescreenrecorder

Head to your app launcher of choice and lunch SimpleScreenRecorder.

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