The Nintendo’s $60 NES Classic Runs Linux

It looks nice and comes with 30 pre-loaded NES games, along with everything you need contained in the box i.e an HDMI cable and a control pad. If you are a big gamer then NES Classic is a nostalgic must-have.


A Quad-Core Linux PC

The NES Mini is built around an Allwinner single-board computer with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7, 512 MB of NAND Flash, and 256 MB of RAM.

As ArsTechnica notes in a post, this choice of SoC may have been down to market forces rather than any high-end hardware requirements since the Allwinner board in use was likely to have been most cost-effective chip available at the time of production, and in large enough quantities.

Apparently, the NES Mini runs on Linux, too and all the necessary open-source licensing information is accessible from within the game console’s help menu.

It’s Not All Fun – Yet

According to Nintendo themselves, the NES Mini will not support expansion in any way you can think of it. You will neither be able to add extra games from your SD card or via Wi-Fi downloads nor would you be able to buy and attach additional peripherals (poor R.O.B) via the Wii-style game ports or USB.

And as for the storage capacity, that can’t be replaced because the internal NAND ROM storage is soldered to the motherboard. If you will want the ROM changed then you will have to dedicate some effort to that task.

So, what do you think about the NES Classic? Do you have one yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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