Papirus Icon Theme Has Discontinued Its Ubuntu PPA

Papirus Icon Theme ‘Discontinues’ Ubuntu PPA (Updated)

The developer team behind the beautiful Linux icon theme, Papirius, plans to stop supporting its PPAthe one which helps users easily install the icon set along with it various versions on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

The good news, however, is that Papirus isn’t going away. Its developers have a provided a new distribution-independent installation script for the icon set.

The downside to the script is that updates are manual and users will have to run the script every now and then to check for and install any existing updates which always contain bug fixes and new app icons. Presently, Papirus icon theme includes support for theming hardcoded tray icons.

Installing Papirus on Ubuntu

Run the command below in a new Terminal window:

wget -O - | bash

This command will download and run a script called ‘’ which fetches the latest version of the theme from the master branch and extract it into the relevant location.

Remember: the script relies on p7-zip which if you do not have installed, will throw an error message when you run it.

Use the command below to install o&-zip.

sudo apt install p7zip-full

Use the Unity Tweak Tool to apply the theme when your system is all set.

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