Temps: An Open Source Eye Candy Weather App

We know; There are already so many weather applications for Linux and adding a new one to the list will not make any difference. But we beg to differ because Temps is quite different.


It is an open source desktop weather app that, apart from being beautifully designed, is cross-platform and seamlessly integrates with most desktops. It is built using a handful of open source technologies, including Electron, Menubar, OpenWeatherMap, and Chart.js.

Tagged by its developer as a “simple but smart weather app — a lightweight and minimalistic weather menubar application for any desktop“, Temps displays the current weather conditions for any location in the world, along with a four-day forecast for the same location.

Temps features include:

  • Animations for rain, snow, and thunder
  • Four-day weather forecast
  • Interactive hourly weather graph
  • Timezone & auto-location support
  • Weather conditions for any location

Certain downsides: There is barely any perfect and Temps wouldn’t be the first exception and so there are a few features one might consider to be missing.

  1. The Temps app opens only when you click on its tray icon – removing focus from it will close the window display. Maybe this is a style feature. If it isn’t, we expect to see it sorted out soon.
  2. The tray icon is not just indistinct on Linux, its white color is hard-coded – thus giving users no option other than to change their GTK theme.
  3. You will also need to sign up for a free OpenWeatherMap API key in order to be able to use it full-time since the developer doesn;t have enough funds to offer unlimited access to weather information.

If you would like to give temps a try then pick it up from the official website.

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