Downloading YouTube Videos On VLC for Linux

how-to-download-youtube-videos-using-vlc-media-playerThe popular and free open source VLC media player that we all or the most of us use has so many hidden features that may surprise you including its ability to download YouTube videos after you simply copy and paste the media URL from your browser and into the app. VLC has been long known to be the  media player that would play any type of video file you present it. So don’t let the simplicity of the media player’s look to throw you off.

Downloading YouTube Videos Using VLC

1. Firstly, you need to have a YouTube video already opened and simply copy the URL. As you see in the opened YouTube video, I only needed to copy the path of the video(Or commonly known as the URL).


2. The next that follows is to open VLC media player. However, if you have an operating system different to windows, you will discover that VLC differs in appearance and button placements hence this is written primarily for windows.

3. Now we are in VLC, search for the Open CaptureDevice, then the option and click on it. This should now open a new window.


4. Click on the Network tab and paste the copied URL in the empty field that’s titled Please enter a network URL. Click the Play button.


5. Now this would start the YouTube video in your VLC, therefore you’ve downloaded and are watching the offline copy. You should also note that there are media controls within VLC that can be used for Play, Pause, or stop the PlayBack.


6. Go to the Tools option and click on Codec information.


7. This will open the Current Media Information window that will show us the Codec Information. A link can be found under Location. This shows you the link of the downloaded YouTube video.
8. Now paste the copied URL into your browsers address bar and hit Enter. You will notice this will start the videos playback on your browser or present to you the download dialog. Now just click the Save button store the video.


9. Here is the fully downloaded video for you to watch at your own pleasure:


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