An Open Source Hacking Device, KDE Plasma Mobile

KDE is an international free software community that watches over the legal and financial matters. KDE e.V. are an arm of KDE that launched the Plasma Mobile Operating System as the Plasma Desktop is one of the most popular desktop environments for Linux users.

The Features of Plasma Mobile OS

In the Open Source Plasma Mobile OS comes a Plasma workstation for mobile devices that will probably dissipate the casual Andriod. It will grant you the use of the Wayland display server and houses Wayland based KWin Windows Manager. In addition, there are other Librsoftware such as Voice call and OFlono which are traditionally used for enabling VoIP and instant messaging services.


ARM devices, will have graphics taken cared of by the use of IybHybris and in the case of Intel, DRM(Direct Rendering Manager) will handle it. OHM is widely used for tracking the status of hardware on the Plasma Mobile and you will also realize the Pulse audio can propel the sound system.

Furthermore, the KDE Plasma Mobile OS would require the full us of the Qt toolkit. This will allow developers to in the production of their native applications or software. This is due to the fact that Plasma Apps, Widgets, Ubuntu Touch Apps, and probably Nemo and Sailfish apps are all integrates of Qt-based applications, allowing room for GTK, X11 and Android Applications to run freely.

Using the terminal, you can install packages by using apt-get install package name.

Plasma Mobile Prototype


This OS can run only on the Nexus 5 and OnePlus One, although one would need to install the Plasma Mobile developers prototype on them using MultiROM.

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