Recent Files Indicator Applet Helps You Find Files Faster



The Recent Files Indicator app was created by Jacob Vjim to be a small applet for the Unity top panel and all it offers is quick, one-click access to a list of most recent files that you (or someone else) accessed.

This is a handy tool especially to those who find it difficult or not worth stressing to remember the file names of the documents in their work process and the directories they are all saved in.

The minimal interface is as simple as it gets and also easy to use: clicking the tray icon will drop down a list of recently used files. Users can open any document by clicking on it to open using the document type’s default app. The applet offers an option to filter the number of files that appear on the list.

Installing Recent Files Indicator

  1. Download this file and save it your home folder
  2. Download this icon to your home folder and rename it ‘recent.png’

Run the script from the Terminal to get the Indicator to appear:

python3 ~/

Alternatively, you can add the script to Startup Applications by entering the command below in your terminal:

/bin/bash -c "sleep 15 && python3 ~/"

You can find a more comprehensive guide on this Ask Ubuntu answer if you are interested in knowing more.

Recent Files Indicator might not seem like a use-worthy applet but you can never fully know that until you have tested. Feel free to do so and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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