Wunderlist is an unofficial Linux client that is very new to the Linux world — WunderlistUX. This new Linux client has already become a popular To-Do list and tasks applications. Just one problem, it lacks its own Linux client, despite the fact that Linux has clients for every other platform. WunderlistUX is here to close that wide gap.



This is not a traditional Linux application. In other words, it is an Election wrapper around the official web-app. You may realize that it is accessible from a browser but the Electron Wrapper gives it a more traditional feel to it.

In addition, Electron apps are integratabtle with traditional menus and notifications.

WunderlistUX with Ambiance theme

It is responsive, works and looks just like the web-app. Resizing the window makes it very adaptable to its interface.


WunderlistUX with Arc theme and expanded

WunderlistUX only supported Elementary OS theme’s but has now added an Ambiance, Arc, and others for support.

As a Wunderlist user, you should give this Linux Client’s a try, could definitely be worth your while. For development purposes, if any bugs are detected, please submit them to the GitHub project.

How To Install WunderlistUX

Unfortunately, the unavailability of WunderlistUX is through PPA or as a DEB package may deter a few of you. However, the installation is somewhat manual for those of you that are eager to have a try.

• Download the latest *.tar.gz package from GitHub Release depending on your CPU Architecture.

• Open the terminal on your computer and download the directory by running the following commands:

sudo mkdir /opt/wunderlistux
sudo tar -zxf ./wunderlistux-*.tar.gz -C /opt/wunderlistux --strip-components=1
sudo sed -i 's/path\/to\/Wunderlistux-linux-x64/opt\/wunderlistux/g' /opt/wunderlistux/wunderlistux.desktop
sudo ln -s /opt/wunderlistux/wunderlistux.desktop /usr/share/applications/ And you’re done.

In order to simply all of this, just use the Bash Script Installation command:

wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/edipox/wunderlistux/master/bin/install.sh | sudo bash

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