Brazil U-Turns on Open Source Softwares For Microsoft As Public Sector Fails

linux-open-source-brazilBrazil, the touristic destination of South America has U-turned drastically on open sourced models. Back in the day, most European countries replaced closed software such as Windows and Microsoft Office with open sourced products.

According to a ZDNet report, the Brazilian government requested federal bodies to express their desires in the type of Microsoft softwares they will want until November 11. Although, they have been using open source models since 2003 in the public sector.

Now the Brazilian government is doing so to “generate cost efficiencies and standardize the IT applications across departments.” However, at this juncture, Microsoft and Brazil are coming to an agreement to computerize all their departments with closed source software. Although, Brazil are trying to acquire a previously negotiated price to avoid the need to launch a new tendering process.

The government’s most in-demand products are these Microsoft products(Windows 10, Office Suite and Windows Server).windows10-21

Furthermore In 2003, due to the lack of software development skills in Brazil, the government had to walk out on the open source market within Brazil and have now chosen to return to closed source software. Although, such software’s would clearly come at a cost, yearly licensing. This alone has killed the drive in the public sectors software development initiatives.

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