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cyyd7imc6llxdzfurlg0Gmail and Google definitely have a beautiful web interface, but WMail just puts the cherry on the top. This is the new desktop client designed for Gmail and Google Inbox that has been made with an Electron base. This allows it to have a well-integrated platform from the web clients of both Gmail and Google Inbox. The developer of this extraordinary desktop client is non-other than Thomas Beverley. Built and developed this web client to make the life easier for him to interact with his own mail, this later became a phenomenon to thousands of users. The desktop client is completely open source allowing any other developer to add on to it and simply make it better for us all and the source code can be acquired at its GitHub repository.


WMail With Google Inbox Account

The desktop client from the picture above shows the smooth and sleek touch to it. It has a sidebar that allows one to easily switch between accounts or adding new accounts and accessing settings. At the top, the menu you bar can be hidden if you ever never a clean view of the desktop client. Besides that, one feature that definitely stands out is the ability to customize the web client to your personal comfort.


  • Native Desktop Notification: The integration of Electron allows you to be notified whenever a new mail comes in.
  • Tray Access: Unread emails from your mailbox are counted and shown by a rather sleek app indicator. This allows presents sub-menu of other mail accounts.
  • Multiple Accounts: This desktop client allows you to add up an infinite about of accounts, which you obviously won’t unless you’re a stalker.

WMail – App Indicatorwmail-app-indicator

  • Customizable: WMail is so customizable you(developers) have the freedom to write your own user scripts with either CSS, JavaScript or both modify the functionality of WMail.
  • Integrated Spell-checker: WMail even has an efficient spell-checker with an included dictionary to correct you along your words.
  • Others: Keyboard shortcuts and Unread Badges are even supported on this desktop client. (e.g. In Unity Launcher).


Mail is very easy to install because it is a very straightforward product. Just simply grab the required DEB package from GitHub and install it through you dpkg command:

sudo dpkg -i WMail*.deb

Or graphically with GDebi.


WMail With Gmail Account


For all you eager Gmail or Google Inbox users, you probably now have a clear picture of almost all the pros as WMail definitely works wonders. However, trying to get support other email providers definitely would not work as WMail is predominantly for Gmail or Google Inbox. What might be a thorn in your world is, WMail does not work offline, but that should stop any of you brilliant programmers to build on it?

On the other hand, if WMail does not suit your style you are most welcome to try N1, a modern open source desktop email client for Linux and other available platforms.

Share your thoughts with us over what your opinion is about this new desktop client?

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