Google’s 2016 Open Source Code-in Contest

untitledAt the close of this year, Google has annually returned with this year’s code-in contest for the aspiring coding teens. Just as in the years that preceded, Google has returned to its traditional code-in competition for young coders to showcase their unseen talents and skill. The competition involves a series of small challenging tasks created by open source organizations and they will also be involved in mentoring those taking part. The participants are pre-university students aged between 13 to 17, all eager minds ready to practice and develop their skill.

In the world of Google, Open source has always been their way to go, a very determined search engine company, they are amongst to most regular contributors to the open source world. As of late, they showcased their open sourced Show and Tell AI system. This system has the ability to caption images and also has a newly incorporated open source font called Noto that supports 800+ languages.

The Google Code-in contest will be conducted online and is scheduled to begin on November 28,2016 (17:00 UTC). Participants are expected to choose tasks that range between 3 to 5 hours from these respective categories:


  • User Interface
  • Outreach/Research
  • Documentation/Training
  • Coding
  • Quality Assurance

Participants are allowed to request for mentorship help from the chosen respective open source organizations involved in this contest. Once they’ve chosen a task and its respective organization for mentoring, they are expected to submit them before the final submission date on January 16, 2017. In terms of these organizations, Google has chosen up to 17 of them, all which include KDE, Wikimedia, OpenMRS, Drupal, Copyleft Games, etc. Each of these conducted tasks will be reviewed and evaluated by the respective mentor organizations, and any participants who successfully complete and submit a task in time will receive a digital certificate. If you as a participant, successfully submits 3 or more tasks, you would be rewarded with a t-shirt. For every organization, five finalists will be rewarded with a Google Code-in Hoodie.


And finally, the Grand Prize will be rewarded to the two finalists in every organization with a trip to tour Google’s beautiful Mountain View Campus, which will be conducted in June 2017. The winners of this grand prize will be announced on January 30, 2017.
You are most welcome to visit Google Code-in 2016 website to be more informed about the contest.

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