Microsoft Has Released a New Open Source Project, GVFS (Git Virtual File System)

After calling itself a fan of Git, Microsoft has released a powerful tool for the Open Source distributed version control system, Git, which has grown tremendously in size over the years, GVFS.

GVFS stands for Git Virtual File System. It virtualizes your file system repo and gives the impression that all the files are present while they are just being downloaded one at a time.

GVFS will enable you to manage the size of the repos that Git requires when performing status and checkout tasks, among others at the file system level from within the GVFS. Eradicating the need to change the project’s IDE and/or build tools.

Microsoft Git Virtual File System

Microsoft Git Virtual File System

Microsoft has already told already let us know that Git is their version control system so it wouldn’t be so much of a bad guess to think that they developed GVFS to manage their large codebase. This new endeavor has shortened the time it takes to perform an operation like checkout from 3-4 hours to seconds short of a minute.

Now, with GVFS, developers need to download only the 50-100K of files of the 3 million files in Windows repo that they will need at any given time. Checkout takes 30 seconds and status takes 4-5 seconds!

Microsoft’s Git Virtual File System is open-source and you can access the source code on GitHub. Referring to its new product as a pre-release version, the Redmond Giant welcomes everyone to test it and give feedback about their experience.

Have you tried out Microsoft’s Git Virtual File System yet or are you waiting to hear about it from others? What do you think about Microsoft’s next tip of the hat to the Open Source community? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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