Crossover 16 Is Here and You Can Now Install MS Office 2013

CrossOver is that app that gives you the power to run a good number of Windows applications on your Mac or Linux PC. Think of it as a commercialized clone of the so well-known WINE. (VM software that also allows you to easily install numerous Windows apps on Linux.

The last time CodeWeavers came forward with any major update was in 2013 before which they had already promised to add support for Microsoft Office 2013 on the Mac and Linux platforms. It has been a long wait.

In a release announcement, Josh DuBois said

You can install Microsoft Office 2013 with CrossOver using your Office 365 subscription, and you can also use a standalone license. Microsoft Project 2013, Visio 2013, and Outlook 2013 are not yet supported, but each of those are under active development and we plan to add support for them soon.

What’s New in Crossover 16?

  • Various bug fixes including updated shell links, improved hyperlink management in MS Office documents, and bug fixes in Tencent QQ.
  • 64-bit dependency management has come to CrossOver so you can now play games like Call of Duty 4 and Mafia 3, among others.
  • A merge with Wine 2.0 which adds many major improvements to Windows capability including the ability to run Microsoft Office 2013.

Pricing And Subscriptions

CrossOver Linux ‘s pricing starts at a price of $15.95 USD which is bundled with a year of upgrades, email support, and a free phone support incident. If you don’t want to shell out that amount yet you can make use of the free 30-day trial.

Remember that CodeWeavers contribute directly to Wine’s development and so when you buy a copy of CrossOver you are helping the community.Whatever the case, will you grab yourself a copy? Perhaps just the trial version. Are you happy with the upgrade? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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