How to Watch Netflix with Firefox on Linux

Today is a day of Joy for all Linux users who are both lovers of Firefox and Netflix. Why? Because Firefox can now play Netflix natively without the need for any plugins or manual configurations.

Until now, it was due to the Digital Rights Management issue that Google Chrome was the only browser capable of running this feat on Linux. For readers who are not familiar with Digital Rights Management, it is the generic term used for technologies that control to what extent users can use digital media, therefore, allowing content providers to assign restrictions to content on specific devices.

Netflix in Firefox on Linux

Netflix in Firefox on Linux

This feature is possible thanks to the use of Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) in Firefox; they allow one to provide DRM-protected content in HTML5. Initially Netflix used Microsoft’s Silverlight to provide DRM content which, obviously, wasn’t of any help to users in the Linux community as Netflix on Linux still required special tricks to work. This made the dev team slowy transit to HTML5.

It started with Mozilla Firefox bringing EME support to Linux in the fourth quarter of 2016 and now, Netflix can be played on Firefox in Linux without needing to perform any tech-savvy operations and patch installations.

As it is, we can now all play Netflix and Amazon Videos with Firefox now and we’re excited about. What about you? What is your stance about DRM-protected media files available for grabs so easily? Share this post for your pals to see and share your opinion on the title with us in the comment box below.

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