Introducing News. An RSS Reader for Your Linux Desktop

News is a GTK RSS reader app for the beautiful GNOME desktop. A couple of weeks ago News’ main developer shared a short video demoing the app. He showed off the nice gridded “newspaper” layout which is consistent in design.

Regarding customization, you can choose to use a list view and whether to use a sidebar. You can quickly search for posts using the search toggle. It has a beautiful minimal design with eligible fonts.

It features two three tabs: New, Feed, and Starred. The third tab implies that you can have a kind of favorites lost for yourself in which you can quickly access data you thought was to be easily located on any day it might be needed.

Download News RSS Reader on Ubuntu

The only way to get News up and running on your PC is to head over to it GitHub to download a copy and build it from source. Building it from source will work on any Linux distro at all so you don’t have to worry about dependency problems.

Maybe sometime in the future News will get a less techy way of building installing News on a system. Maybe they will even come straight out with a GUI installer. either way, stay tuned to the twitter page to know how the app is doing. For now, we have to build from source.

We hope yuo’ll come back to share your experience with us. The comments section is down below.


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