Latte Dock: A Plasma Panel Replacement for KDE Desktops

Latte Dock is a new desktop dock for KDE that you can use to completely replace Plasma’s panel.

According to Reader Dart, Latte Dock “integrates with the Qt/Plasma desktop to the point that you can totally ditch default panel shipped with KDE. It also fully supports all plasma widgets”. It is based on Plasma frameworks and thus presents a rich intuitive experience for your tasks by animating its contents using parabolic zoom effect.

Install Latte Dock on Ubuntu or KDE Neon

Latte Dock requires at least Plasma 5.8 to run so if the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Ubuntu 16.10 is what you’re running then you will need to add Kubuntu’s backports PPAs to your system. And don’t forget that Latte doesn’t work in KDE Wayland sessions.

You can download an alpha snapshot of Latte Dock from the KDE Store or pick up the master source code straight from its GitHub page.

Reader Dart wrote that “a little bash script that automatically installs Latte dock on KDE Neon and Kubuntu 17.04”. Of course, you should give the script a look-see if you want a quick way of getting the replacement dock setup.

After trying out the alternative dock replacement, don’t forget to return to tell us whether you had an excellent experience or not. Also feel free to report any bugs you come across during your test run on the Latte Dock Github page.

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