The founder and lead developer of the ,Solus Project, Ikey Doherty, recently announced in a blog post that his distro would be supporting Flatpak and tagged it a major win because Flatpak is famous for being an excellent universal Linux installer.


Flatpak in Solus Linux

Ikey posted an article to the Solus Project site last month announcing that Solus was going to begin using Flatpak to install third party apps. Solus will stick to using its native .eopkg installer as the change will affect only those programs that prevent their package redistribution by Linux dtsros. These apps include Google Chrome, Teamviewer, Flash, and Sublime Text among others.

According to Ikey, one of the reasons he picked Flatpak is ease of integration. The team will need to change the current Solus build system and including software that is not already included in Solus in order to use Snaps whereas Flatpak requires ostree, flatpak and a couple of minor changes which are already being attended to.

Writing about Snaps in his blog, Ikey said,

Clearly, in terms of “brand power”, Snap has the upper hand currently. It’s well known, well publicized, and receives constant coverage in the news.

This is true, and we know Ubuntu plays and important role in Snap‘s publicity because, well – Ubuntu but that hasn’t stopped him from deciding to work with Flatpak since it will be an easier and more beneficial endeavor. Plus when he took a poll on Google Plus 68% of the 400 votes (at the time) were in favor of Flatpak.

Flatpak or Snaps?

What is your view about competing Universal Installers? Are you team Flatpak, team Snaps, or are you on the fence? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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