Style Telegram for Linux with Arc Theme

Now that Telegram has rolled out new support for custom themes users can now get creative with multiple color and style options and you can trust artists to be on top of the matter already.

However, while the Linux community is yet to see an Ubuntu Ambiance theme for the chat client the super popular Arc GTK theme has had its fans make it available as timely as possible and boy, does it fit elegantly with the desktop.

The ‘Arc-2 theme for Telegram‘ was created by Deviant Art user ~art-2, who says he made the theme for personal use but has made it public so that anyone else interested in it can use it.

Download Arc Telegram Theme

The Arc Telegram theme is available in two sleek variants: Arc and Arc Dark. Since there’s no Arc Darker variant the dark version is your only option if you intend on blending the desktop client with your window borders:

Telegram Arc Theme

Telegram Arc Theme

For you to be able to use the theme(s) all you need do is to run the latest version of Telegram’s desktop client for Linux. Next, download Arc Theme for Telegram and send the relevant .tdesktop-theme file in any chat on Telegram. You will see an option to apply it as soon as you start a conversation with anyone (including a private chat with yourself).

We hope you like the Arc Theme for Telegram. Perhaps one or two more variants will be released in the future. In the meantime, remember to mention any themes you come across to us.

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