Go For It – A Modern To-Do List with a Timer

There are already an amazing wide variety of to-do list applications for all OS platforms, however this one is exclusive. It has a fashionable inbuilt timer.

A few of the many different projects created by Manuel KhelGo For It! is a stylishly modern to-do list productivity app with an inbuilt timer that facilitates you keep track of your current-tasks.

The app has three essential panels, To-Do which incorporates your list; Timer, that’s wherein the inbuilt timer lives in; and Done, which lists your finished tasks designed with a strikethrough.

Go For It!‘s to-do lists are stored in the Todo.txt format which makes synchronisation across mobile devices simple; and also allows the possibility of editing lists using other front-end apps like Todo.txt.

Features in Go For It

  • A stylish modern and responsive UI.
  • Cross-mobile device synchronisation.
  • Integration with other front-ends, like my Todo.txt Kupfer Plugin.
  • FOSS – Free and Open Source.

You can install Go For It! using its official Launchpad PPA to get its .deb packages for Ubuntu distros >= 14.04 but we recommend that you use the terminal to add the PPA so you can get automatic updates:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:go-for-it-team/go-for-it-daily 
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install go-for-it

Manuel is hoping for people to hold and improve the home Windows branch, as well as create packages for different GNU/Linux distributions and OSX so in case you are interested by giving a helping hand you may make a contribution to the open supply task hosted on GitHub.

If this article was helpful, don’t forget to spread the info as you return to share your experience with Go For It! in the feedback underneath. As always, you can make hints on any comparable productivity apps you know of.

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Lamin Kanteh
Lamin loves smartphones and was introduced to the world of mobile devices with Android. Ubuntu is new to him, but he is enjoying writing about it so far.

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