Opera Neon – A Concept Browser for The Future

Opera is no new player to the browser recreation. The company already has one of the satisfactory 3rd-partycelebration browsers you could run in your computer but they don’t need to stop there.

With this new experimental project, opera plans to deliver customers greater speed, discoveries, and safety on the internet without cost. I’m speaking approximately Opera Neon.

Opera Neon (or just Neon) is a cross-platform concept browser created to usher net users into the viable future of web surfing.

Important: unluckily, Opera has not made Neon available on the Linux platform. Again, Linux is being left behind. When someone asked about Linux help for Neon on Twitter Opera’s reaction was “sorry not this time”. They went on to add that “right now Neon is a fun project that our developers were operating on & we’re not making plans to increase it further”.

Anyway, Neon, comes packed with the features Opera is most noted for e.g. speed dials, security, inbuilt-ad blocker e.t.c, while adding many others that it poses as “an alternate reality for the Opera browser”.

Features in Opera Neon

  • Clean Modern UI & UX – Feast your eyes with Neon’s floating speed dials, bookmarks, and omnibox as you use them against its transparent background
  • Built-in Gallery – Save yourself the stress of searching for images you saved to several folders using the slick snap-togallery tool.
  • Cross-platform – Enjoy the same browsing experience on Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Customization – Style Neon the way you feel fit using any of the free extensions and themes available in the store; and multiple profile settings.
  • Privacy: Built-in VPN – Browse without the fear of being watched thanks to Neon’s free and unlimited built-in VPN.
  • Free Built-in Ad Blocker – Opera, being the first major browser to block ads without add-ons, its built-in ad blocker makes content-rich webpages load up to 90% faster.
  • Built-in Currency Converter – Make currency conversions without needing to navigate back up to your Omnibox.
  • Optimized for Battery life – Neon has been optimized to work with your system’s battery for a healtheir and longer performance.
  • Multiple Profiles Support – Just like in Google Chrome, you can conveniently house multiple accounts for the convenience of working as different users.
  • Over 1000 Extensions – There is virtually an unending list of extensions because cooler and more efficient ones are added continuously and they are all free to use.
  • Personalized News Feed – Organize your preferred feeds in Neon’s start page in addition to your region’s top 50 articles.
  • MultitaskingNeon offers a split screen feature to help you work quicker as you drag, drop, and move objects around. There’s also a built-in video player that can ‘pop out’ and out of your way while you work on other things.

Opera Neon extra features to offer and you can check them out better detail right here.

I love Neon’s speed, minimalist layout, and its appearance and feel. And despite the fact that I’m not sure it will likely be able to thieve away my choice for Google Chrome, I would really like to see how properly it’d do on Linux. Not that Linux is short of web browsers, however if Neon is a Concept browser for the future then it have to be cross-platform certainly.

Have you ever used Opera Neon on a Mac or Windows PC? Allow us to understand what you reflect on consideration on the project and its unavailability for the Open Source fans in the feedback segment under.

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